Behind the Music III

The latest rundown of all of the songs I have added since the last music review post I did.

Below is a list of every song I have added in my recipe posts since the last music rundown I did along with the genre (according to iTunes) and a brief description of what I think of the song. If you click on any given song it will take you to YouTube to hear it and in some cases see the video.

  1. Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) by AWOLNATION Alternative. This band has a very rock-grunge sound to a lot of their music. The chorus here is so catchy but there is this one part towards the end with a moment of yelling that I think it could do without.
  2. Side Effects by The Chainsmokers Dance. You will barely notice the Chainsmokers in this song with Emily Warren doing all of the singing but it still has their very catchy dance vibe.
  3. Solo by Clean Bandit Dance. The chorus to this song has the most fun and unique sound effects and Demi Lovato sounds incredible as well.
  4. Live In the Moment by Portugal. The Man Alternative. If you like alternative rock then I recommend you check this one out. I love this song, both the lyrics and the melody are amazing. Cool tempo and so very different from his first hit Feel It Still you may not know know it was the same artist.
  5. Got to My Head by WATERS Alternative. Fun, upbeat tune with a very indie vibe to it. Watching the video here, you can see this band clearly has a good time.
  6. Our Own House by MrWives Alternative. I would classify this as indie-dance, if that were a genre? I love the way this one picks up after the first 30 or so seconds. It also has great guitar riffs along with horns going on in the background.
  7. Waves by Dean Lewis Singer Songwriter. This is such a beautiful song. It builds up and has so much great emotion both in the melody and in the lyrics. The video really speaks its story.
  8. Hunter by Pharrell Williams Pop. Pharrell is just too cool. This song is sexy, funky and makes you move, even if it’s just a little hip shake or foot tapping. Love this song. Makes me smile.
  9. Happier by Marshmello & Bastille Dance. The lyrics here are so bittersweet. Although it is labeled a dance song I think it has a slightly more chill vibe, more like good driving or background music. I love the sound that lead vocalist of Bastille Dan Smith adds to the tune. He has a very distinctive and beautiful tone to his voice.
  10. Doing Good by Milky Chance Alternative. This song (and this band) are one of my most favorite discoveries this past year. Doing Good has the most incredible vibe with amazing guitar riffs and the coolest percussion to match. I can listen to this one over and over again. I actually love every song I have heard of theirs but this is definitely my favorite so far.
  11. All Your Love by Flight Facilities Electronic. With a very relaxed melody that builds ever so slightly, this songs chorus has the sweetest lyrics: “All your love keeps me safe. All your love completes me. All your love makes me stay. You’re the Love I’ve needed.
  12. Oh Devil by Electric Guest Alternative. One thing I really love about this group is how each of their songs have such unique sounds. No one sounds alike. This tune has a definite reggae vibe to it which is so cool since the last song of theirs I had on repeat, This Head I Hold has an old school sound to it. So completely different but both are such great tunes!
  13. Tempt My Trouble by Bishop Briggs Alternative. Amazing female vocalist. Interestingly she is named Sarah Grace McLaughlin but known as Bishop Briggs and she rocks! This song is sultry, her voice has that sexy-tough don’t f*ck with me sound to it.
  14. Lost In Japan Remix by Sean Mendes and Zedd Pop. You can’t help but dance to the musical chorus in this one. So fun and up beat.
  15. Paris In the Rain by Lauv Pop. This is such a sweet and happy song. I really like this artist Lauv and know we will be hearing a lot more of him on the charts.
  16. Native Tongue by Switchfoot Alternative Rock. This song pumps me up when I am running. If you like the Imagine Dragons (songs like Friction or Natural) then I think you will really like this song and band as well.
  17. Visions by Dirty Heads Alternative. This song has a sort of ska-like feel to it with its chill beat.
  18. Cry out for Me by DREAMERS Alternative. This song is so fun to run to. Very up beat and fun chorus.
  19. Worst Nites by Foster the People Alternative. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is a favorite band of mine. Every song they put out becomes a favorite and they have such variety to the melodies and sounds they produce. The singer has a very distinctive voice though. This song is a good one to drive around to with the windows down.
  20. Bloodstream by Stateless Alternative. There is such an interesting juxtaposition to the melody and lyrics in this song. It has such a happy, love-filled message yet to sounds so sad. It somehow sounds sexy to me too.
  21. Bohemian Like You by The Dandy Warhols Pop. This is a very old song that popped up one day when I was walking and had my music on shuffle. I immediately grinned so big when I heard it and of course was mouthing all the words. It has the funniest lyrics. It has a hippie-rock-indie sound. The video is uhhh, kinda weird, but so is the song and thats kinda what I love about it.

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