About me

Welcome to eatdrinkginger! I am so excited to finally have a place to share my recipes with all of you. My name is Kimberly, yes I am a “ginger” and I love to be creative in the kitchen and well in all aspects of my life actually. I live in Bethesda, Maryland with my husband, my two boys and our black lab. I am a graphic designer/mom/runner/music junkie/philanthropist who firmly believes that we should all find ways to use our passions and talents to do things for the good of others.

For those of you who don’t consider yourselves cooks, or who may be afraid to be creative in the kitchen let me tell you a true story. My freshman year in college I was making a box of mac-n-cheese in the kitchenette we shared on our freshman dorm floor. It was taking forever to cook so finally I asked my roommate how long it would take for the water to evaporate before the pasta would be done? She looked at me wide-eyed and when she realized I was not kidding she laughed so hard. Yup, it’s true, I thought pasta cooked like rice and absorbed the water and I was waiting and waiting. I was so clueless. She insisted that the following semester I take a cooking class. I took that cooking class and started cooking a lot after. When I lived on my own after college I started using my creativity in the kitchen more and more. Now look, I am creating this recipe blog that I promise will be chock full of recipes that get praised by those who have tried them. (I would never share anything that my friends and family don’t love.) I have enjoyed experimenting with cooking and improved a little bit each year along the way. If I can do this, so can anyone else who wants to learn.

I studied graphic design at Syracuse University and spent over 15 years working in the industry in the DC metro area where I live. I later created my own freelance company when I became a mom and have focused doing a majority of my design work for charities and causes that I support. It has allowed me to keep working and enjoy the creative outlet while helping so many people and organizations in the process. I love what I do and equally love using my design to help others anyway that I can.

About a decade ago I decided to design a cookbook as a gift to my friends and family with all of the recipes they were asking me for. I made the book by combining my my skills in graphic design with cooking which is obviously one of my passions. Writing, designing and creating this book was so much fun. It was 100% a positive experience for me. (A fattening one too I might add, haha.) The recipes were a combination of things I grew up enjoying and collected over the years which as I grew more creative in the kitchen I tweaked to make my own. Friends told me I should sell it but being that the recipes were not originally all my own that didn’t feel right. I ended up selling it 100% for charity and the experience and success were overwhelmingly positive. Since then, I have been working on creating more of my own original recipes in order to make a second book. Creating this recipe blog is a way to reach more people, to spread my message and as well to learn more in the process.

Creating this blog is a new format for me so you can plan to see things evolve and get better and better as times goes on and as I learn more everyday. I am excited to share new recipes, products that I find and love as often as I can along with sharing my love of music. I plan on sharing a variety of music that I enjoy with each recipe so not only can you discover new things in the kitchen but hopefully you will find new music you love along the way as well. As per my recipes, don’t be afraid to try your own twists, its the best way to discover and learn. If you aren’t sure about something just google it or ask someone. It is how I learn so much myself. Feel free to share your comments and thoughts with me as well anytime. I certainly have a lot to learn myself.

I plan to give you any and all of the cooking tips (and maybe some non-cooking related ones) that I have learned along the way. I will also share images of certain ingredients that I use when I feel it can be useful for you to see the things I use. Grocery stores sell different brands and depending on where you live you may not have the exact things I do so seeing an image may be very useful in order to find something similar. I will even show you pictures of some of the tools I use in the kitchen so any novices like I was back in college are less intimidated.

I really hope you find some recipes on here that you love making and enjoy sharing with those you love. I hope my blog brings smiles and fills belly’s. Mostly though, I hope it inspires others to find ways to combine using their talents and passions to do something for the greater good, even if that just means making some treats to thank someone who makes your days brighter. Every little kind gesture matters and can lead to even bigger acts of kindness.

Thank you so much for visiting eatdrinkginger! Now let’s start cooking!!