Light and airy peanut butter mousse

This was a totally accidental recipe. It is so simple it is kinda stupid but discovering something so easy to make that is so yummy and pretty good for you is always the best!

I am so not a breakfast person. Recently though I have been going to these insane bootcamp classes and learned the hard way that not eating anything before class had me hitting a wall halfway through. I made this one morning before bootcamp and loved it so much that I made it again that afternoon as a treat. (I couldn’t stop thinking about how yummy my breakfast was.) It is so simple, it only has 3 ingredients total. It is slightly tart, slightly sweet, light and airy with a really yummy peanut butter flavor that is subtle but delicious. It kinda tastes like what the filling of a peanut butter mousse pie might taste like without all the guilt of eating pie, if you ask me. YUM!

The first time I made it I used a regular low-fat vanilla greek yogurt but the second time I was out of my own yogurts so I used my son’s yoplait whip greek yogurt, vanilla cupcake flavor, which was sweeter. (Seen in pictures below) It was more my thing because as I have mentioned before, I have a huge sweet tooth. Both variations are delicious and any greek yogurt works. It honestly just depends on your taste preferences and how sweet you want your mousse. I bet it would also be great with a banana flavored yogurt or even just fresh sliced banana added. I will have to remember to try that soon. Stay tuned.

RECIPE TUNES (because everything is always better with music)
Royal Highness by Tom Grenna   Dance on Me by Dylan Guthro  •  Do You Want It All by Two Door Cinema 


  • 1 single serving (4-6oz. They seem to vary in size depending on brand and package) of vanilla greek yogurt. I like the nonfat yoplait whips in vanilla cupcake as seen below but truly any kind in vanilla works great. (Pics below of a few options.)
  • 2 tsp powdered peanut butter (Any brand works. Some come in flavors like vanilla and chocolate but I have only used the original PB flavor.) Pictures of a few below for reference.
  • 1-2 heaping teaspoonfuls of your preferred whipped topping. (I use Truwhip as seen in pic below. It is all natural so has no hydrogenated oils and is very thick which I love but truly any kind works.)


  1. Scoop your yogurt into a larger bowl so you have room to add your whipped topping and peanut butter and mix it well.
  2. Add in your whipped topping and peanut butter and mix everything together.

That’s it! No joke. So fluffy and yummy.




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